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Soul Smuggler collects 4 paranoirmal tales featuring Mercer the phantasmal antihero:

"The Coyote" - In the future, Mercer's services are requested by a powerful man seeking to keep his stepdaughter quiet about certain indiscretions.

"Soul Smuggler" - An orphan boy seeks Mercer's help in reuniting with his dead mother.

"The Second Option" - Father Thomas, assassin from the clandestine Terra Sacra order, sets out to destroy Mercer once and for all. But Mercer has other plans.

"Abomination of Desolation" - A boy with horrifying powers is at the top of the Church's extermination list, replacing Mercer for the time being. Father Thomas makes Mercer a deal he can't refuse if he helps rid the earth of the young abomination.

FREE February 25 - March 1:

Simms is caught between clONE, Forty Days and the GMA, all of them wanting a piece of him. All he wants to do is uncover the truth of his own genetic origins. The answer to that puzzle brings him back in touch with some very familiar faces. 

But with all this going on, he doesn't notice who else is on his trail, intending to shut him up permanently...

A Sci Fi cyberpunk novella set on an Earth slowly going to hell. A Soldier of Megiddo is the fourth of five science fiction stories following the adventures of Simms, genetic detective and all-round nice guy.

FREE February 25 - March 1:  

In this weird western, a young man on the frontier in search of fame and fortune instead finds himself swindled and left destitute. But help arrives in the form of a phantasmal, body-hopping gunslinger who seems to have ulterior motives.

FREE February 25 - March 1
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A Short Horror Story
by Gustavo Bondoni and Lyndon Perry

When a new arrival lands in hell, there's only so much one can do to help him adjust to his new surroundings. It doesn't make matters any easier when there's something worse awaiting your second death. "Beyond the Veil" is a short horror story by Gustavo Bondoni and Lyndon Perry.

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