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This month we have a haunted house story by Jeff Chapman, a Coyote Cal weird western by Milo James Fowler, the fifth and final novelette in Simon Kewin's cyberpunk Genehunter stories, and five fun and frivolous flash fictions from Lyn Perry - all free for a few days.

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The Crooked House of Coins

In a small Midwestern town at the end of a lane stands a crooked house, where deaths and secrets entwine and ghosts revisit their final moments. Two cousins, heirs to the family legacy, search for a treasure secreted in the old dwelling's walls, driven by gold lust and tantalizing clues. The Crooked House is a grudging giver, and some secrets in a haunted house are best left alone.

A Haunted House Story
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The Black Ace 
A Coyote Cal Weird Western

Coyote Cal and Big Yap have met their share of villains in the past, but this time around, the line dividing good from evil isn't as clearly drawn at first, and our heroes find themselves pitted against an entire town in order for justice to prevail.

Episode 4 in the Coyote Cal Adventure Series
5,900 words - Weird Western
Originally published by eFiction Horror

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The Genehunter #5

Simms finally uncovers the truth about Boneyard. With Ballard's help, he hatches a dangerous plan to deal with Forty Days. Problem is, Simms isn’t sure whose side he’s even on. Meanwhile, he meets up again with both Devi and Kelly. One meeting goes well and one goes very badly indeed.

Simms walks a dangerous line. If he gets things wrong, many people will die. Worse still, he will die. And sometimes it seems that’s exactly what everyone wants...

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Five Free Flash Fictions

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Quick Gasps of Breath - 5 Microhorrors

Space Monkey Pirates - 3 Flash Fictions

Spam Fiction - A Flash about Spam (email, that is)

Even Superheroes! - A Fun-filled Fan Fiction