May Madness

As ever we have four fantastic delights for you this month - all free to download for a short time!

Milo James Fowler gives us his poke at Facebook with I Am FanFare; Simon Kewin makes his Genehunter novel free for a few days; Lyn Perry taps the spirit of battle and intrigue reminiscent of classic sword and sorcery in a tale called A Lesson in War; and guest writer, Stoney M. Setzer, provides us with a collection of 12 pulp-style stories of science fiction and suspense in Zero Hour II.

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For Hermann Nesmith, the FanFare online network is the social life he's always wanted, despite a few annoying advertisements. But the new "friend" he's made might not be 100% human...

3,700 words - Science Fiction/Humor
Originally published by MindFlights



The Genehunter
The five Genehunter cases collected together into a single novel, with bonus material.

The Wrong Tom Jacks
The Zombies of Death
The Clone who Didn't Know
A Soldier of Megiddo

Simms is a genehunter, paid by megarich collectors to track down the DNA of the famous for their private zoos.

He walks a line, pulled in ten different directions at once. The law, ex-lovers, religious nuts and anti-genehunter crazies. But when he starts to work the Boneyard case he discovers that, sometimes, you have to decide which side of the line you're on...

A future noir cyberpunk novel set on an Earth slowly going to hell. The Genehunter follows the adventures of Simms, genetic detective and all-round nice guy.

Bonus Material

The World of Simms - characters and organisations of the Genehunter universe
22nd Century Genie - the original Simms short story

Normal price around $3.49/£2.30, free to download May 23rd - May 27th.


A Lesson in War
A Sword of Otrim Story

Do you enjoy epic fantasy? Then you might enjoy Lyn Perry's A Lesson in War (about 5,000 words or 10 pages) for free direct to your email by clicking the links on this web page (via Gumroad). The story is in PDF format for viewing suitable on your Nook or Tablet or even your Kindle.

A Lesson in War (Free PDF to your email direct from Gumroad.)

Fighting the barbarian hordes for Queen Philipa of Idessa, Otrim - a fierce yet contemplative warrior - hadn't considered that his real enemy might just be his commander. Completing the campaign against the Korreti infidels and returning home victorious is all he really wants. But when Otrim's commander, Ardus Telemachii Atellus, challenges him on the battlefield, the bronzed warrior must quickly determine where his ultimate loyalty lies.

Lyn Perry writes a variety of speculative fiction, from fantasy and science fiction to mystery and spiritual thriller. In this short story, he taps the spirit of battle and intrigue reminiscent of classic sword and sorcery.


Author Stoney M. Setzer returns with more "Twilight Zone"-type stories with a Christian worldview in "Zero Hour 2." In these twelve pulp-style stories of science fiction and suspense, Setzer leads readers on another journey into the shadowlands of imagination, complete with a spiritual twist.

Get ready to meet Peter Marak, a man forced to choose between his compassion and his phobia of germs... Hattie Wilcox, a wealthy woman who decides to help God out with dispensing judgment on sinners... and Houston Hall, a man recently engaged who is confronted by an old flame whom he cannot recall...

From the deck of the Titanic to the distant future, from carnival sideshows to scientific laboratories, the time has come once more to get ready for tales that carry you through the farthest reaches of imagination and lead you face-to-face with timeless bibical truths.

Available for free through the end of May from Smashwords. No purchase code needed!


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