June Free Reads

This month, Simon Kewin brings us Remembrance Day, a Sci Fi short story; Stoney M. Setzer contributes Fealty, the first in his Super Chronicles; Lyn Perry offers A Trumpet for Battle, an historical fantasy novelette; and from Milo James Fowler, Minutemen, an alt-history tale.


Remembrance Day

Magnus is a broken-down veteran of the Basilisk war, running a bar on the Möbius Strip. Most of his customers are trying to forget their pasts. He spends his time trying to remember his.

A woman he once knew comes seeking his help on a dangerous mission. When Magnus finds out who is really involved it's time to reach for his blaster. But then he begins to discover just how unreliable his memories of the war actually are...

Free to download from Amazon, June 25th - June 29th.



Fealty (The Super Chronicles #1)
by Stoney M. Setzer

For years, Scott Archer lived a double life as Fang, sidekick to the superhero Puman. Scott has since retired from the hero business to pursue a "normal" life as a sports reporter. When Puman is killed by an old nemesis, however, Scott feels duty-bound to bring his killer to justice.

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Other titles in The Super Chronicles include: "Just Passing Through" and "Hath No Fury."


A Trumpet for Battle
(Sword of Otrim #2)
A Trumpet for Battle (Sword of Otrim #2)
by Lyndon Perry, Published by ResAliens Press

Veteran soldier, Terell Mowbray, has vowed to follow his leader, the fearsome barbarian, Otrim of Idessa, "into the bowels of Hades." As the close band of warriors make their way to the enemy city of Korreth on a secret and dangerous mission, his commitment and resolve is tested beyond measure. Will the mighty fighter fulfill his vow to his closest friend? And at what price?

A Trumpet for Battle is a stand alone novelette of about 8,300 words (approximately 29 pages) but is also Part 2 of a 5-part series, The Sword of Otrim.

Available as a free ebook for your Kindle, June 25-27 and then for only 99 cents for the next three months, exclusively at Amazon.


In this Flintpunk tale, the minutemen of the American Revolution are not exactly as we remember them from grade school, and the British with their fighting corpsemen are the stuff of nightmares.

A young minuteman blessed with the power of the surge is able to take on a score of lobsterbacks alone with his brace of tomahawks -- until one of the living redcoats wields an unknown weapon against him.

4,000 words - Originally published by Cosmos

Free on Amazon June 24 - 28