October #ReadsForFree - Grab Them While You Can!

This month, Simon offers us his ghostly triptych of short stories Faces in the Shadows while Milo is raffling off 10 copies of Dahlia's Feast.

Faces in the Shadows
- three short stories by Simon Kewin -

Her Long Hair Shining
Smith spends his days wandering the backstreets of the city looking for lost souls to rescue. He is accompanied by Tom, the ghost of a young boy. When they catch a glimpse of a ghost in a deserted mill they know they've found another trapped spirit in need of help. Now they have to work out what is keeping the ghost tied to the physical realm.

And then there is the question of why Tom has remained there as well...

The Wind Singing in the Wires
Every day, before her son comes home from school, Pamela McBride walks past an abandoned telephone junction box lost in the undergrowth. For some time she has been hearing the buzz of voices coming from it. One day, on an impulse, she stops to listen. What she finds changes everything...

Her Pale Smile
Two years ago, Daniel died of a heart-attack. Now he has two problems. One is the traditional unfinished business tying him to the mortal realm. The other is the embarassing fact that he died while riding a ghost train. Because now, however much he wails and moans, no one will take him at all seriously...

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Dahlia's Feast

Dahlia, the last human child, has been summoned to a banquet in her honor by the Elders of the great council. Her escort, Brawnstone the trollgre, must carry her through the dangerous ruins of an ancient human city, deep into the abandoned warehouse district where the feast is to be held. No one knows this little girl's dark secret -- not even Dahlia herself.

Science Fiction / Fantasy ; includes 2 origin stories

"Dahlia's Feast" originally appeared in Aoife's Kiss
"Stone for Brains" originally appeared in The Fifth Di...
"While She Sleeps, Mountains Tremble" originally appeared in the Triangulation: Morning After anthology

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